Don C., MN, USA – ProPower 1050

“Received the ProPower 1050 this morning and played SACDs and then LPs the rest of the day. All I can say is “WOW” the 1050 is the best improvement in my 35 years of High End audio experience! The “Enjoy The Music” reviewer was right! My Magnepan 3.6 speakers with the Pass Labs XA30.5 amp is producing “State of Art” sound quality. Very dynamic, 3D, pure, sound from the bass to extreme high frequencies. I would have never expected that. Could not be more pleased! Well worth the wait.”

Marc S., Germany – ProPower 1050

“I am really surprised. I have had a lot of different power equipment in my home. With the ProPower, I finally have the result I was searching for. Just Great!”

Jack G., Canada – ProPower 2000

“I bought a ProPower 2000 and couldn’t be happier. Great service to the customer. Their “buzz cancellation trim pot” was the piece d’ resistance. It removed the power supply transformer buzz in my Krell S 1500 5 channel amp just like magic. Great piece!”

Bill G., New Hampshire – ProPower 2000

“So how did the system sound? All I can say is WOW!!! On two channel SACDs and computerized digitized reproductions of studio analog tapes from the 50′s and 60′s, the sound was unbelievable, the best my system has sounded in it’s 28 years of existence. And the sound has not varied by day, time of day, or programming. In other words, the units have cleaned up the electricity to the point where its quality never varies….I’ll be selling off all of my other AC filters, and I suggest you do the same and purchase one or more of these units before they are inundated with buyers as their supplies of the units are limited.”

Serge, MD, USA – ProPower 2000

“I am a bit hard to impress any more but the ProPower has managed to bump the performance up a notch. I am now able to run my whole system from one power conditioner and actually love the results. I kicked it up a notch this evening to put the unit through its paces and see if it it holds up under some “pressure”. Hugh Masekela “Hope” CD was chosen for its exemplary clean and wide dynamic range. Cranking up the sound to beyond the “usual”, the drums exhibited stupendous slam, crispness and articulation. The Lamm amps hold up to the punishing 1.8 ohm dip at 90Hz that Wilson Sasha presents easily and I’d say this ProPower unit will hold up to anything I can throw at it with its 2000VA/1400w power rating and the demand from the amps. I am happy. Transients are crisp and well controlled but the input side of AC does dip even further than 115v. The output side is still rock steady at 120V. Good enough for me.”