Story Behind the Brand

Zaki Yeh, founder of ProPower, has devoted 30 solid years to the power electronics industry, all the while never forgetting his passion for music. As the power quality plays a significant role in affecting the sound quality of an audio system, the enjoyment of listening to a high-end audio system is quickly diminished when the utility power quality deteriorates due to uncontrollable factors. Thus was born a vision to combine power electronics, built on solid experience and expertise, with an emphasis for producing clean, un-polluted power for acoustic enjoyment.

ProPower cooperated with a global research team in 2006, and through the mutual partnership developed several breakthrough power cleaning features, including: sequential outlets, power regenerator, battery back-up regenerator and toroidal isolation transformer; also a number of patented technologies like IET (Impedance Eliminating Technology). All of these crucial assets allowed ProPower to become the leading brand of power conditioners.

ProPower embodies innovation, superb product performance, uncompromised quality, and unwavering service. It is these values that bind the team behind ProPower together, and it is those same values that enable ProPower to withstand the highly competitive market and meet customer demand.

Professional perspective. Passionate people. Phenomenal performance.

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