ProPower? PurePower?

ProPower is a subsidiary company to Winstream Technology, who has 25-year power innovation experience. Winstream is now supplying many esteemed distributors/vendors with UPS, PV inverter and other power-related products as a reliable OEM partner/manufacturer with ISO-9001.

In the beginning, Winstream was PurePower’s manufacturer and solution provider. It is we that designed the current PurePower models. Winstream owns the patent-protected technology of power regeneration. We originally expected a long-term partnership with them, before they quit and took away PurePower brand that we established together for years.

At best, PurePower is no more than a marketing company without any engineering competence. They bring our design to other manufacturer in order to occupy all the profit and save any possible costs. We think that’s the reason to their poor quality, which is infamous for the audiophile globally. We feel sorry PurePower failed to run this business in a decent way; many customers lost their faith in PurePower because of their negligent service and inadequate quality control instead.

We established ProPower on our own and developed new series with different power cleaning technologies: PP the regenerator; PT the isolation transformer; PS the power conditioner, not to mention all series have sequential outlets. We would like to show all the music lovers – ProPower know what you want, and create what you need.