Audio Power Sequencer and Conditioner

ProPower PS Series bring together the superior protection, advanced power filtering technology and outstanding performance in a sturdy, modern aluminum panel and rack-mountable design. The PS Series are ideal for pro audio, home theater, studios, DJ equipment and instrument rigs, enthusiasts and audiophiles.



  • Advanced EMI/RFI filtering
  • Inrush current elimination technology
  • Spike and surge suppression
  • Outlets sequentially switched on during power up
  • Outlets sequentially switched off in reverse during power down
  • Over Voltage / Overload / Frequency protection
  • High current outlet (un-switched outlet)
  • 25 amp rating circuit breaker


ProPower PS15 Models and Specifications


Current Rating15A15A
Operating Voltage160V~260V85V~135V
Max load3900W2025W
Switch Delay Time2 seconds (adjustable via front panel)2 seconds (adjustable via front panel)
EMI/RFI filterYesYes
Inrush current protectionYesYes
Over voltage protectionYesYes
Over current protectionYesYes
Overload protectionYesYes
Frequency protectionYesYes
Under voltage shutdownYesYes
Coaxial protectionOne Coaxial cable Input and OutputOne Coaxial cable Input and Output
Sequenced Outlets6 (1*High current outlet)8 (2*High current outlet)
Color OptionsSilver / BlackSilver / Black
Weight10 lbs (4.5 kg)10 lbs (4.5 kg)